Full Service Tax Compliance

We help your organization with both Federal & State Tax Compliance Services, Including:


Preparation and filing of tax applications with State and Local revenue departments.

Tax Reporting

Preparation and filing of all transactional tax reports with federal, state and local taxing authorities including sales, utility, excise, gross receipts, FET and property tax.

The Extras

We also track all transactional tax billings, payments and accruals on a monthly basis which assists our clients in making sure their Balance Sheet Transactional Tax Liability section remains in balance.

Regulatory Compliance

PUC and FCC Reporting

Preparation and filing of all reports with the state public utility commissions, FCC, and other governmental or quasi-governmental agencies charged with oversight of the various telecom surcharge and assessment funds, including 911, USF, High Cost Fund, Telecommunication Relay Services, Telecommunication Infrastructure, etc.

Foreign Entity and Trade Name Registration

Preparation and filing of the necessary documents for obtaining a Certificate of Foreign Corporation/Entity from state authorities, the registration of trade names as well as preparation of required Annual Compliance Reports

Certification Applications

Preparation and filing of applications for certification with the state public utility commissions.

Tariff Preparation

Preparation and filing of tariffs and price lists with both the state public utility commissions and the FCC.

Tariff Maintenance

Preparation and filing of revisions to filed tariffs on an ongoing basis. Revisions may be due to product and rate changes or changes made necessary by Commission Order.