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We counsel our clients on the best ways to prevent problems and realize opportunities in the exciting business of telecommunications.

Opportunities abound for telecom companies, but capitalizing on the opportunities within this rapidly changing industry can be risky without the right legal, tax and regulatory knowledge. Telecom Professionals, Inc. can provide the counsel that will greatly aid your company in identifying and eliminating the risks of non-compliance. With the rapid and often unpredictable expansion and complexity of the telecommunications industry and the profusion of emerging technologies, telecom companies have a continuing need for professional counsel.

Summary of Experience

Judith A. Riley, Esq.

Co-Founder & President

Ms. Riley has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma, College of Law, was on the College of Law's Dean's List, received an American Jurisprudence Award and was a member of Phi Delta Phi. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma and was on the undergraduate Dean's Honor Roll.

Ms. Riley was admitted to practice in Oklahoma in 1980, and is licensed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. In addition, she is licensed in the United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit.

In 1992, prior to becoming the founder of Telecom Professionals, Inc., Ms. Riley and her husband, Steven C. Riley, a Certified Public Accountant, joined their practices together to offer their clients both legal and tax/financial expertise. Their collective knowledge and experience allowed the Steven C. Riley firm to offer its clients a wide range of tax compliance and consultation services.

Among other areas, the Steven C. Riley firm focused on the telecommunications industry and its applicable taxes and assessments. Accordingly, this earlier experience led Ms. Riley to found Telecom Professionals, Inc. Today her responsibilities include providing Telecom Professionals, Inc.'s clients tax registration services and reporting on a monthly basis in every state and local jurisdiction in the United States. Under Ms. Riley's leadership, Telecom Professionals, Inc. not only supplies sales and use tax reporting, but telecommunications, excise, gross receipts, franchise, and income tax reporting as well as filing of FCC/PUC Reports, Annual Reports, and Property Reports. In addition, her firm provides regulatory consulting and tariffing services for all segments of the telecommunications industry.

Earlier in her career, she was the in-house counsel, secretary/treasurer for a manufacturing company in the construction industry, where her responsibilities included contract negotiations and dispute resolution, cash management and budgeting, and she was fully in charge of the credit and accounting department. Previously, Ms. Riley was the chief counsel for an Oklahoma-based federal savings and loan association. Her areas of concentration included mortgage foreclosures, real estate and title work, commercial and residential loan modifications and workouts, commercial law, contracts, bankruptcy, financial privacy, Community Reinvestment Act, Bank Security Act, and regulatory requirements as they related to deposit banking and operations. As the legal department manager, Ms. Riley had responsibility for supervision of in-house litigation and coordination of legal services for the various divisions. She assisted in the development of policies and procedures for foreclosure tracking and established association-wide tracking systems for summons/subpoenas and bankruptcies.

Additionally, Ms. Riley was a practicing attorney in the areas of corporate law, wills and probate, and construction law at the law firm of Lawrence, Ellis, Harmon and Harter, P.A. Prior to graduating from law school, she was a law clerk and legal intern to the Oklahoma County District Attorney.

Steven C. Riley, CPA


Steven C. Riley, C.P.A. is an Oklahoma City-based Certified Public Accountant with a practice that includes tax and financial planning, return preparation, auditing, and accounting services. The firm has specific expertise related to supplying these services to telecommunications industry clients. Accordingly, the Steven C. Riley firm is a resource to Telecom Professionals, Inc. related to furnishing income tax and sales tax services to its clients in need of these services.

With over 30 years experience as a C.P.A., Mr. Riley has special expertise in supplying professional accounting and taxation services to small- to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies and is well-versed in the special needs of business owners in high-growth situations. He founded the Steven C. Riley, C.P.A. firm in 1991.

Previously, Mr. Riley was a partner in James Wright & Company, Certified Public Accounting office; and Frizzell & Riley, Certified Public Accounting office. Earlier in his career, he was a staff accountant at the Certified Public Accounting firm of Moak, Hunsaker, Rouse, Thomas and Company. Mr. Riley possesses several professional licenses and he belongs to numerous professional societies including the Oklahoma State Board of Public Accountants, the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Riley has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Mr. Riley's auditing experience spans the length of his accounting career. He has been performing financial audits for USDA Rural Development (Formerly FmHA) projects and HUD Public Housing projects since 1980. Since the inception of the Low-Income Housing Credit in 1987, Mr. Riley has worked extensively with the Oklahoma Housing Finance Authority to verify the eligible basis for tax credit properties under Section 42 of the Tax Code.

Jon Lund

Director of Tax Compliance

Jon Lund is the Director of Tax Compliance for Telecom Professionals, Inc. He has been with the firm for over four years. Jon oversees the preparation and filing of transactional tax returns in all state and local taxing jurisdictions, including sales, utility, excise, gross receipts, 911, TRS and additional transactional taxes. Additionally, he oversees the preparation of both state and local license applications and exemption information for TPI clientele.

Jon has earned his BS in Business from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining Telecom Professionals, he gained 12 years of experience in Accounting and Billing working in the Telecom industry.

Matt W. Dean

Director of Regulatory Compliance

Matt Dean is the Director of Regulatory Compliance at Telecom Professionals, Inc. Matt joined TPI in February of 2011. Matt's responsibilities include formation, qualification, registration, and certification of TPI's telecommunications customers with the various Secretaries of State, Public Utility Commissions, and with the Federal Communications Commission. In addition, he oversees state and federal Commission level quarterly and annual reporting for TPI's CLEC, IXC, wireless, ETC, and VoIP clientele. Particular areas of expertise include FCC 477 reporting, CPCN application packages for authority, tariff composition, and administering 9-1-1 contracts with various state agencies.

Prior to joining the TPI staff, Matt spent 10 years as an AT&T Project Manager where he spearheaded numerous projects exclusively for AT&T's Tier 1 client base and was the recipient of AT&T's STAR (Success, Teamwork, Attitude, & Reliability) Award in 2010. Matt led an assortment of projects for AT&T covering a variety of telecommunications services including frame relay, private line, complex advanced features, routing plans, low speed data (LSSD), high speed data (HSSD), Optical Carrier, GigE, and Ethernet. His prior work experience consisted of corporate accounts payable, sales, and sales management. Matt was educated at the University of Oklahoma.

Jennifer A. Bomaster

Accounting Director

Jennifer Bomaster is the Accounting Director and Office Manager for Telecom Professionals, Inc. She has been with the firm for over ten years. Jen oversees the client's tax escrow accounts and the issuance of tax payments from those accounts through the accounts payable system. She also oversees compliance of all TPI clients at the Secretary of State level in all states as well as the filing of all Unclaimed Property Reports

Jen has earned her BA from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2003. Prior to joining the firm, she worked for Steven C. Riley, CPA as an accounting clerk.